Tuesday, 1 September 2009

wino concepts - 7

Had my first go at some wine o drawings yesterday. Not very original. Mostly if not 100% inspired by tims and pauls designs (which were kick ass!!). but it was my first go, for my next drawings ill do more research!


  1. This made me think about how important the shadows around this character will be. Particularly at the beginning - I think it should be really shady, like he is hiding in the shadows. I like how angular and boney he is, collar bones showing and Fagin fingers - my only criticism is that I think his posture needs to be less rigid, more lazy. Really cool drawings though.

  2. hey maarty! thank you so much for your help! your such a legend! these designs are really nice. and the whole point of concepts are to get inspired by one another, my designs are totally based on kristians and pauls. i really like the side profile of the head shots. the only thing i'd say
    about these designs is that i want his costume to some how let on that he use to be a magician. but subtly, so that early on we don't
    get it, but when he starts performing he looks the part. does that make sense?
    cheers buddy