Friday, 4 September 2009

Wino colouring methods 2 (Update)



  1. wow beautifull coloring mate, i like the textures as well.. gives a nice look to it. especially like the whole look of the 2nd one.. great atmosphere. do you know yet wether you want to make the film traditionally or in flash?
    ive got more ideas... as well for the character as backgrounds. youll see em soon.

  2. thanks buddy, i've decided that i'm gonna make it traditionally but by drawing straight into flash and doing the clean up and colour in photoshop, so at the moment i'm trying to find a nice quick way to make in look more hand done via photoshop. once i've got a system i'm happy with i'll do an animation test with in that style to see how it looks animated.

    I think the first one looks more hand done.

    do i can't wait to see your BG's! i've done nothing so far, apart from photo research

  3. I really like the idea of the hand drawn style... drawings within drawings, how very deep. I can't decide which style I like best. Both really effective, I would say the bottom one looks a bit more professional but I'm not particularly qualified to say that haha

  4. REHHHH! Bro these are very charming, they have so much life to them. You can taste that White lightning looking at these. Keep it hand drawn, it is working for you and looks like the expression is beneficial to the character/story. Can't wait to see how this develops, looks crazy already.