Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More Wino Concepts


  1. Really amazing progression this guy is making. I love the face - the sunken, droopy cheeks are amazing and I think the eyes look really good.This is definitely making me wonder if he needs a beard after all.

    My picture following this is utterly shameful but I thought I might aswell stick it up. One thing I like the idea of was his clothes not fitting him too well. I think especially the shoulders of his jacket - if they're a bit too wide for him it'll create a nice slumped look.

  2. cheers steve'o!

    yeah i agree about the beard thing. i think i might just change it to a stubble beard. you see more of his face this way also it can help when it comes to cleaning him up with out altering his facial shape. the beard posed problems in that department plus i was worried due to the style of the colouring that the beard would boil like crazy when it moved, which would look distracting