Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Some doodles...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pigeon Concepts


I would like to encourage the development of a very underrated character in this story - that of the pigeon. I've always thought this character could be something special and following the script development stage of our funding bid it has become apparent that certain elements of the plot need to be developed (or at least elaborated upon) in order to release the films full potential. I think the pigeon's ridiculous little show with the bottle caps needs to be considered. It will only be a few seconds but in that time we need to create an amazing and bizarre little character.

I really like the idea of him being bug-eyed. I found this picture of a baby pigeon which illustrates how ridiculous pigeons actually are.

I also like the idea of him having a bit of a personality. He could be smart, scruffy, fat, smoking a cigarette, maybe even evil?

The only thing that is definite is that he is going to make a twat of himself.

Happy sketching.