Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Visual Development...

So what ya thinks???


  1. I like the 1st and 3rd developments. The 1st more as the subtle soft tones in the background don't distract the eyeballs from the charming character le tramp. I do like the 3rd as the background has a feel of Autumn but could be a touch distracting as the colours are vivid and strong compared to the smelly le bum. Lovely work and good choice of colours.

  2. same here, i really like the 1st and 3rd one

  3. I love the third one. I cant stop looking at it. In terms of the colour I see this as being more towards the end of the film, with gloomier colours at the beginning. Its vibrant. I love it so much I might print it.

    I should probably comment on the others. The first one is really good too, particularly like the bench, second one cool style (kinda 80s I thought) but not really right for the story, the final one is nice but to be honest next to the watercolours there just isnt really any competition.

    Fuck it, Im going to print it.


  4. I really like the first. The character and background, colours and texture work well together, it looks complete.

    I also like the third, although I think the background art slightly stands out against the character style.

    If that makes any sense! ;)

  5. I really love all of them, especially the first and the third- the sweet water colour style of the background contrasts great with the mood and style of the character without falling apart- this is a great achievement :)
    Very inspiring to look at these pieces of art