Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Testing, doodling.. exploring..


  1. hahaha yes! it celebration time :)

    dude thes are beautiful. i love the water colour look. i'm gonna have to explore that, maybe we could do the colouring in painter to get that look. i really love the one with the boy holding his hand to the wino, thats a lovely drawing. can't wait to see more?

  2. Thanks fella,
    I blitzed it last night. Managed to get all those out in the remainder of the day after work. hopefully i'll get another chance soon.
    The watercolour adds a warmth, definately

  3. I agree, I especially like the guy with his eyes closed - the red blotch is really effective.

    Really excited to see more of the kid. He is already starting look like a little charmer.

  4. Oh Man! What a brilliant short! I've seen on cghub and watching the credits didn't believe i've seen your name on it! Congratulations!